Friday, August 28, 2009

Kerrigan goes to Kindergarten!!!!!

Well I finally have internet and so I will try to do a better job! Our baby Kerrigan went to Kindergarten yesterday. She rode the bus to and from and said she loved it, although she got up this morning and said it was stupid and begged not to go! HELP!!!! She is dressed and ready though thank the Lord above. I just put her on the bus with her sister and she was waving goodbye and smiling. I think the giant bowl of hot oatmeal mixed with a warm bath may have helped.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So busy!!!

Well here I am again professing my oh so busy life when all others manage to get to their stuff. But in defense of me, I have begun taking pictures of our area ballteams and that takes a lot of computer time. Plus I have myspace and facebook and kids and softball league and 4-H and now bible school!!! I am tired but happy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dalton would've been 10 years old May 18th!

Our baby boy would've been 10 on May 18, 2009. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and when the tears flow (and they still do) it still feels like yesterday. He was such a beautiful baby. He was 7lbs. 3 oz., 21 3/4 inches long with a head full of black hair. No doubt he would've been just as spoiled as the 3 girls. We think about him all the time and he is part of our everyday lives in one way or another. I was planning on posting this with pictures yesterday on his birthday, but it is just a hard day for me. As a matter of fact May is just a hard month for me. So more pictures of our blessed baby boy, hopefully soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Working 2 jobs and one is 3rd shift! Crazy I know and now 2 softball teams and a soccer team and 4-H , I am tired!!! Now saturday, I have to go and be the past Wild Turkey Festival Queen which I would love to do if I was still skinny like the other girls! Boy the difference between 19 years ago and today! Oh well, at least I still have my crown, sash and charm bracelet. I'll put some pics up after the parade this weekend, and the double header on saturday and the luncheon and parade on Saturday! Then there is the double header on Sunday that starts at noon in one town while the little one is playing soccer at 1:30 in a different town! Whew! Well I am at work so gotta go.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our baby turns 12!!

Well on March 26, 2009 our oldest baby turned 12 years old!! Time flies sometimes. :( We had a sleepover and pizza party. We went through 10 large pizzas, 8 2-liters, 3 bags of chips and all the nerve pills we could find!LOL She was supposed to have 6 girls and we ended up with 17!!!! They had a blast. They ran all night until finally at 5AM, yes I said AM, I made them go lay down because I had to work that both days! She got lots of presents and cards and had fun. We let her know that the important thing was that all of those girls and the one brave boy (her new boyfriend) all showed up. That says something in and of itself!!! We love you baby!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Babies in hospital!

Well I am just here to say I'm here! I survived 2 days in the wet oxygen tent with the 2 little ones ( pictures to come, promise) More importantly the little ones survived and got well. Both had influenza B and Croup. I thought croup was just a bad cough until I was explained how horrible it is. It scared me! Poor little Carson went into "roid rage". Her little body cannot handle steroids! If I learn to post video, I'll show it. My mom said that it was not a bit funny and I agree but had I not recorded it NO ONE would believe me! She was screaming and hitting herself and me, it was awful. She cried and I cried. The nurse said that some people react like that. They say it is like your body is going crazy out of control but your skin is holding you down!!! I felt so useless and helpless as her mommy to not be able to help her. I asked them to get the doctor and he came up and she was coming off of one with her heart pounding and he said no more steroids for her. Thank God her lungs were getting better without HAVING to have them. Kerrigan was extremely scared to get her I.V. but then when they taped it up she called it her cast and was proud of it and wanted to let people sign it. Too bad it was gauze and we couldn't keep it. She was also very proud of her backless nightgown! I should have charged one to the room! lol Pictures coming, pinkie promise (as Kerrigan would make me do!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foster Care Pre-service is completed!

We are finished with our pre-service. It was grueling to say the least but I did enjoy having lunch and dinner with my husband everyday, those moments were like vacation. Now we are off for FBI/BCI check and a fire inspection, the water test is done and on and on and on. Then the home study. WOW! Pretty overwhelming but to get this little girls is hopefully going to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. The training will scare the pants off of you though! We'll probably end up with her sister too once she finds out who we are. She just loves me and our family. Then we'll graduate those big girls and get us somemore. We're likely to have 10 kids before it is all said and done. Just think of the grandkids and family reunions! :) :)